Why choose us

Consumers want to know they are getting value for money and a truly happy pig which is:

  • Bred and raised completely free range
  • Lean, juicy and very tasty
  • Humanely reared
  • Quality assured
  • Competitively priced
  • And able to sell large quantities


Quality policy statement

I, Bernard Murray of B L & K L Murray Pty Ltd assure that all pigs leaving this property meet the requirements of the Australian Pork Industry Quality Program (APIQ).

This is achieved through the implementation of a food safety plan (HACCP) in addition to complying with the APIQ physical, chemical, biological, meat quality, management, biosecurity and animal welfare standards. The food safety plan has been developed by an APIQ facilitator.

Murray Free Range is committed to the production of safe wholesome pork that meets the needs of the consumer. Systems and procedures have been put in place that enables us to produce pigs according to the APIQ requirements. These systems and procedures are reviewed annually for their ongoing relevance and their capacity to meet the APIQ requirements.

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