Why choose us

Consumers want to know they are getting value for money and a truly happy pig which is:

  • Bred and raised completely free range
  • Lean, juicy and very tasty
  • Humanely reared
  • Quality assured
  • Competitively priced
  • And able to sell large quantities


Bernard has been farming pigs for well over 30 years but changed over from intensive pig farming to free range pig farming in 1996 and has never looked back. The farm maintains a minimum disease status and is Quality Assurance accredited. Currently we sell to Coles, under the Free range, fresh meat product.

Our completely free range pigs, from farrow to finish are happy pigs enjoying all the benefits of the local Murray River region fresh air and sunshine, which, combined with CEFN genetics (mainly large white landrace) and feed supplied by Ridley Agriproducts under the guidance of their nutritionist mean our pigs achieve the highest standard of growth, due to our exceptionally high health status.
We are very aware of animal welfare and strive to have the highest of standards for our farm.

All pigs on our farm are free range, from birth to market.

Our goal is to produce pig meat from animals that have been allowed to free range and display all their natural behaviors. Sows are allowed to come and go from farrowing huts, build nests for farrowing, wallow and root in the ground.

After piglets are weaned they stay in their sexed age group right through to market. This allows the pigs to have their own social family group keeping them stress free as well as being able to display all their natural behaviors in being free range.


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